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Budgeting For House Appliances Purchases

March 15th, 2022

Proper budgeting does not only imply accounting for your spending whether it is actual or future, it also implies comparing prices, and analyzing which is the best payment method to save as much as possible.
So, in order to budget any particular purchase, there are some steps that you need to take without taking any shortcuts. The main steps that you need to take are: Put money aside preferably on a savings account, selecting a financing method if you can’t come up with the whole amount and shopping around for the lowest price possible but taking into account the selected payment method and financing approach.

Saving, Saving, Saving

The practice of saving money is a very healthy one. You should have a savings account where you put at least ten percent of your earnings aside. A twenty percent of your income is far better and any amount above that is simply perfect.
Saving money prior to purchases can let you negotiate better and search for prices as you can always tempt retailers to pay in cash and request a discount for doing so. Credit card companies charge retailers a small percentage of the purchases and thus, paying in cash saves them a good deal of money.

The need of certain house appliances can be predicted and thus, you can easily budget a certain monthly amount to put aside in your savings account to purchase it. Even if you can not raise the whole amount when you actually need to purchase the appliances, resorting to financing with some savings will end up being less expensive than resorting to financing the whole purchase price of the goods.

Financing: Lines of Credit or Loans?

The most common option for these kinds of purchases is to resort to credit cards. A line of credit can provide you with flexible amounts for purchasing what you need and repayment programs that can accommodate to your budget on a monthly basis as long as you pay at least the minimum payments. However, the cost of this flexibility is rather high and sometimes it is not worth it. The interest rate charged for financing unpaid balances can be too high.